Hell Fire

Had a fantastic Sunday evening at the Hell Fire Club poetry session in Lyttelton. Amazing to hear so many talented, local poets all in one place. This was my first time doing open mic poetry so I was honestly a bit nervous. I’ve ready plenty of fiction to audiences before but have never really been happy with my poems. So, it was with some trepidation that I stepped up to the mic….

Fun evening, met some great new people, and I’ve  been invited back as a guest poet next time!

Poetry Day

On Thursday next week, some of Christchurch’s brightest and bravest young poets will take to the mic to perform their work for National Poetry Day. And I’m thrilled that some of them are my students.

In the build up to this celebration of poetry, I’ve been doing lots of work on poems with my classes. It’s great fun to explore concepts such as rhyme and rhythm, which children’s poetry does so well. National Poetry Day, is  also an opportunity for all of us parents and teachers to read more poetry to our children. Not just the funny, bouncing rhymes of childhood, but poetry that explores feelings, ideas, places and things. That way we can help inspire the next generation of poets.

Magic moments

Sometimes there are those magic moments. I had a lovely phone call on  Monday evening from a parent of a student in one of my writing classes. He phoned to let me know what a HUGE difference my class was making to his daughter’s writing. She’s gone from being a reluctant writer to writing three books over the last school holidays. Yay!