I run a series of courses for businesses, community groups, and clubs, based around positive word choice and goal setting. I am also happy to design specific courses to meet your needs. Please contact me to discuss on 021 0366 343 or send me an email.

Words for Positive Change

Word choices in your verbal and written communication can make all the difference. This course will demonstrate the power of positive words both in your own life and in business, and will help you make better choices towards positive outcomes. From examining the words we use in our self-talk, to looking at the words we use with others, this course will leave you feeling empowered to make effective changes across the board.

Small changes in word choice can have a significant impact on communication, and in business this can also have a huge impact on our profit margin.

What the Poets can Teach us about Life

Most of us never look at poetry once we have finished school, but poetry is remarkable for the way it can sum up situations, illuminate new pathways through problems, and can help guide everyday decision making. In this workshop we will look at some key poems and the lessons they impart.

Be prepared to come out of this workshop with a clearer understanding of your own purpose on this planet and a newfound love of the poetic form.

Goal Setting for Adventurous Women

There is an increasing awareness of the positive role that time spent outdoors doing physical activities has on our mental health and wellbeing. I truly believe that everyone can and should have adventures. Unfortunately women are often sidelined in this field, e.g. with 75% of competitors at events such as Coast to Coast being male. This workshop will help unleash your adventurous spirit and give you some tools to make your goals become a reality.

Benefits will include a greater sense of wellbeing, motivation and drive to achieve goals across all areas of life.

Good Grammar Saves Lives

Let’s go home and eat, Mum” or “Let’s go home and eat Mum.”

Are everyday grammatical errors getting in the way of effective communication with your team and your clients? This course will answer all those grammar questions you were afraid to ask, and will leave you feeling confident producing accurate written coms. We will cover some basics which we are all ‘supposed’ to know, before moving on to more advanced grammatical and spelling challenges. Watch out for that Oxford comma! Who knew grammar could be so much fun?

Good grammar and spelling makes the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.